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Optimizing Efficiency

Our proven system hyper-optimizes hashing, significantly improving mining speed and profitability.

Supporting Networks

ChainTerra is allowing professional miners to sustainably and profitably support public blockchain networks.

Increasing Payouts

By increasing mining payouts, we aim to make cryptocurrency mining a feasible and logical investment once again.

Introducing ChainPool

A hyper-efficient mining portal offering the highest globally recorded returns on hashing power. ChainPool utilizes our custom data analysis system for advanced block solving and optimized hashing. ChainPool will be available to the public and completely anonymous. Everyone from small hobbyists to mining farms and data centers can utilize ChainPool to solve blocks faster than any mining pool available.

At the moment, ChainPool is in beta. The pool is undergoing rigorous testing thanks to the help of volunteer miners and will soon be available to the public. Mining farm operators that would like to join our beta please contact us

About Us

We are a dedicated team of data scientists and mathematicians with a passion for blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. We have over a decade of research experience in advanced data analytics and cutting-edge computing. We developed ChainPool with the goal of making digital currency mining more profitable for hobby level, professional and industrial-scale operations.

By making digital currency mining more efficient we hope to drive economic growth among POW networks and foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the blockchain sector.

Superposed EPOCH Analysis

SEA is used to analyze epoch time in determining when a block will be solved. For specific time sequences in the difficulty target of a network, utilizing SEA for block analysis provides greatly improved statistical outcomes for ChainPool.

Data Compression

ChainPool incorporates our proprietary technology for compressing MD5 hashing data. This allows the pool to submit more valid shares to the network in less time, solving more blocks and distributing greater rewards to workers.

Regressional Analysis

Regressional analysis allows ChainPool to increase in efficiency with every block solved. As time passes and more hashing power is used, ChainPool will become more efficient and remain years ahead of any pools known to the public.

“Mining is the system that powers digital currencies and blockchain at its core, making it truly decentralized. Unfortunately, mining is no longer profitable and has become extremely damaging to the environment. Without a major upgrade to the current mining conditions, blockchain will never prevail as an ecosystem and more centralized networks will take control. We aim to make this change by utilizing the most cutting-edge innovations in mathematics to increase both efficiency and profitability for everyone.” – Co-Founder & CEO

Profitability Comparison

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